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This is a site about finding the time and energy to do work that radically matters. It's also the home base for The Definite Article.  Plus occasional photos of my life in the District.


I’m Justin Jacoby Smith.

Some people call me "hoosteen."

I aim to build smart & data-driven communication strategies for non-profits, community organizations, and small businesses. This site is where I think out loud about finding the time and energy to do work that radically matters.

I live at the Lamont Street Collective, a cooperative house of artists & activists working to keep forty years of radical community alive. My creative contribution to the house is poetry--my second book, A Soft Asylum, will be available for purchase & download February 2015.

From the basement of the LSC, I'm a host and producer on the Voices of the 99% radio network. Vof99's shows aim to empower activists and organizers through the collective exchange of best practices and ideas.

In the last few years I've spent my spare time doing digital strategy & web analytics for organizations & companies like JuBiz ConsultingWake The Beast and The Parley.

Check out my Projects page to find out more about what I've got ongoing. 

Ultimately all my writing, broadcasting, and analytics work is to keep me working with others to organize community power.

If you've got ideas, complaints, or drink tickets, find me via e-mail, a tweet, or Facebook. Here's my Public PGP Keyif you prefer to keep our conversation extra-quiet.