do work that matters.

This is a site about finding the time and energy to do work that radically matters. It's also the home base for The Definite Article.  Plus occasional photos of my life in the District.


I’m Justin Jacoby Smith.

Some people call me "hoosteen."

I stay busy, so this is a place where I write about finding the time and energy to do work that radically matters*.

I live at the Lamont Street Collective, where we're all working to keep thirty years of radical community alive.

From the basement of the LSC, I'm a host and producer on the Voices of the 99% radio network. 

I also co-host The Definite Article with my friend Robin Babb--it's an irregular independent show about the creative process.

I'm in the project planning stages of digital strategy & web analytics work for JuBiz Consulting, and have previously worked with Wake The Beast and The Parley.

My day job, at a big nonprof, involves lots of fiddling with spreadsheets, teamwork, and drawing on whiteboards.

Ultimately all my writing, broadcasting, and analytics work is about working with others to organize community power.

If you've got ideas, complaints, or drink tickets, find me via e-mail, a tweet, or Facebook.