Justin Jacoby Smith is an organizer, web geek, Buddhist, and poet.


GQ does a series called "10 Essentials." The typical interviewees are out of my tax bracket, so their lists usually have a few more designer names than mine. Here's the way I get by. 1. What I wear: pinstripe slacks. Easy to dress up or go classed-up casual.

2. What I also wear: button-downs, tees. Just 5-6 of each so I can minimize weekly repeats without breaking the dresser.

3. How I keep moving: one cup of black coffee in the morning, then water after that, alternated with more coffee as needed. Sometimes I'll grab an energy drink to power through the last few hours of Friday.

4. What I love to eat: here's a 3 minute recipe for an amazing light meal--take one piece of naan bread, layer cheese--meat--cheese--meat--cheese (i like mozza--pastrami--provalone--proscuitto--mozza), warm in oven at 415 for 3 minutes. Amazing, easy, and on a garlic naan it's the best homemade pizza you've ever had.

5. What I do for fun: play music. Seeking out & listening to new music, once one of my passions, has come to feel like a chore. There are too many blogs and shifts in opinion to keep up with, and it's such a waste of energy and time to try to calibrate my opinions in relation to the critical hivemind, but pulling out my guitar and writing a song never gets old.

6. How I get inspired: the train. Hop on by the house, ride to wherever, get off and walk around. There's always something new to see, and something new to do.

h/t for this idea, and lots of other ideas, to mnmnlist.com