Justin Jacoby Smith is an organizer, web geek, Buddhist, and poet.

nigerian prince, version 2.0

Before the death of my father, he was a Coffee & Cocoa dealer and was very rich in his business, his sucess has been envy of some in the government officials for so long and they finally conspire to assasinate him with my mother and all family members in the family house when they were attacked by some militia loyal to the incumbent president who refused to step down after he was battleed in the recent election in my country. I was lucky to have been away in the burden school before this hurible killings were perpetrated. I escaped to the neighbouring country with a document covering some amount of money which my father deposited in a bank in Cotonou Benin.

Spam writing is getting way more compelling (and topical!), even if they do still need to work on their spelling. But then, I guess they'd have to be getting better at writing when they're producing 90% of the world's emails. Practice makes perfect.