Justin Jacoby Smith is an organizer, web geek, Buddhist, and poet.

what is the soul of a man

(2:33:26 PM) HOOS: so tonight(2:34:57 PM) HOOS: should i go to the "writers who rock gig" with some bands, the reading at a house party, or the "literature party" that costs money at a bar where i can't drink that will have lots of famous people reading (2:35:14 PM) Nik: let me see (2:35:30 PM) Nik: def.. the literature party (2:35:36 PM) Nik: at least for a while (2:35:53 PM) HOOS: i feel like these three options are somehow representative of my possible three paths as a creative person up here and that my choice tonight represents a decision in the battle for my soul (2:35:54 PM) HOOS: lol (2:36:20 PM) Nik: this is possibly true (2:36:40 PM) Nik: as far as I'm aware every famous writer has a story about attending some literature function and feeling totally out of place (2:36:46 PM) HOOS: haha (2:36:46 PM) Nik: hence my suggestion (2:36:47 PM) HOOS: correct (2:36:52 PM) HOOS: a wonderful point