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"ladies, look at your marketing. now back to mine."

In an excerpt from The Thank You Economy, Gary Vaynerchuk recaps the successes of the Old Spice Guy marketing campaign--"I'm on a horse" is still a part of my daily vocabulary--before pointing out Old Spice's biggest mistake.

After getting millions to interact with their brand in interesting new ways--YouTube responses to customer questions starring the real Old Spice Guy!--they dropped the ball:

The brand had an opportunity to continue the conversation with all of those people who connected with them, and they squandered it. They left their customers behind, limiting the full impact the campaign could have had on the brand. I'm sure there are more than a few people who were miffed when they could no longer interact with it. Worse, though, are the many, many more who simply forgot about the brand, and about how much fun they had interacting with it. It will cost Old Spice a lot to reengage those people.

I'm in utter shock. On one hand, I am devastated to see this turn of events and want to call Old Spice and beg them to let me help get them back on track; on the other hand, they've given me a great opportunity to show you how a brand can sabotage a great social media campaign.

Old Spice Man Marketing, Redux: What Went Right--and What Did Not | Fast Company.