Justin Jacoby Smith is an organizer, web geek, Buddhist, and poet.

the 'decline of the arts omnivore' is good

After paragraph upon paragraph bemoaning the decline of the 'omnivore,' the art consumer that samples from across the spectrum, we have this nugget buried:

That notion is compatible with a separate NEA report that finds while 34.6 percent of adults attended “benchmark” arts events such as ballets or art museum exhibits in 2008, nearly 75 percent “attended arts activities, created arts, or engaged with art via electronic media.”

Emphasis mine.

Could the real story here be that we're transitioning to a different kind of art audience? One that does more than sit in a theater seat watching the people on stage, an audience whose interest in art corresponds to the interconnected way we live now?

And if that was the real story, what might that new kind of arts audience look like? (I might have an idea.)