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"a new site called YouTube with live video of combat in Iraq"

If you've been paying attention online and in the blogging world, you'll know that soldiers have offered some of the most gripping first-hand accounts of the war, keeping daily weblogs, posting photos and even video. So it was no surprise when a friend pointed me to a relatively new site called YouTube, and showed me what looked like videos shot by American soldiers of live combat in Iraq. YouTube lets people share their home videos with friends or with the world -- for free. You set up an account, and can then easily upload your digital video, and then decide whether you want to store it privately or publicly. The site makes money by selling some text advertisements, but so far, they've kept the design pretty simple and uncluttered.

"YouTube Offers Soldiers' View of Iraq War," PBS, 2006

GOOD has a roundup of some of the most interesting YouTube clips made by deployed soldiers in the years since. They're worth checking out.