Justin Jacoby Smith is an organizer, web geek, Buddhist, and poet.

"they're on their way to becoming a genuine threat"

"The bastards are becoming arrogant sociopaths," said one dissenting Anonymous member to Gawker, justifying his leaks. "Acting first, not thinking of the consequences. They're recruiting children. I am a pretty far left person -- I believe in privacy and free expression, but Anonymous is a vigilante group now. A mob without conscience. And I worry they will radicalize even more. In short, I believe they're on their way to becoming a genuine threat."

Last week disillusioned members of the hacker collective Anonymous sent chatlogs to Gawker. The leaders (what happened to "non-hierarchical"?) give out orders on upcoming targets, the group debates how to handle their surge in media attention, and an Anonymous member is outed as a WikiLeaks volunteer--significantly complicating WikiLeaks's attempt to distance itself from the vigilante group. You can read the full logs here.