Justin Jacoby Smith is an organizer, web geek, Buddhist, and poet.

lew has a new rock n roll tape (wild america rides again, kind of)

So you're in Minneapolis. You're looking for a room to rent for the winter.

You don't know how long this job will last. You want something you can leave behind fast.

The landlord is showing you an attic space you can crash in for a couple of months.

It's dark and there's one window with grey light bleeding in softly. For a second you watch the dust hover.

"Nobody's rented this place out for a while, last guy was in the 80s."

There are a few boxes.

"I don't know what's in those."

You'll take it. You move in with your two bags.

You get bored one Sunday. You start looking through the boxes.

You find an unlabelled cassette. You find a tape deck. You put the tape in and hit play.

The tape is warped. The sound is distorted sometimes.

It maybe sounds like Paul Westerberg doing psych-folk.

You maybe just discovered a warped demo reel from the Mats heretofore unknown psychedelic period.

Lew, formerly of Wild America (RIP u brave souls), has a new tape out called Breatherholes.

All that stuff I said? That's what it's like. You can download it here, and you totally should.