Justin Jacoby Smith is an organizer, web geek, Buddhist, and poet.

"this is how it would be to go shark fishing in my ford focus"

Bad news, my attempts at time travel have been brought to an ugly full stop. I just remembered that the speed limit in th UK is 70mph so I cant reach 88mph. Probably just as well, have you seen Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure? Napoleon was a bit of a handful and I dont have the time to baby sit him. Good news though, my pal was let off with a caution after his dog attempted to hump an old lady that collapsed recently. He was trying to get her in the recovery position and Floyd (the dog) thought it was a game. Someone didnt see the funny side and reported the incident to the police.

Did I mention this car has a leather steering wheel? Probably not suitable for vegetarians - not sure? I dont speak vegetarian so cant ask one.
A man attempts to sell his 2001 Ford Focus on eBay and slowly loses his mind.