Justin Jacoby Smith is an organizer, web geek, Buddhist, and poet.

the origins of "getting shit-faced"

Victorian lexicographers, as you might expect, present almost gingerbreadlike ornamentations uponshit. An 1857 dictionary featuresshitesticks and shiterags (both meaning a miser) and the delightful "exclamation of contempt"shittletidee, while a 1875 study notes the institution of Shit-Sack-Day, which seems to involve apples. Shit-Sack-Day, by the way, falls on May 29. I trust you will not confuse it withShitten Saturday, which is another occasion altogether. Somehow, among all this shit, I discovered a different previous usage of shit-faced—and for us to connect shit to face, the above history does help.

Paul Collins writes a corrective letter to the editors of the Oxford English Dictionary on the origins of shit-faced.