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on that photo of the situation room

At first, I thought it was the intensity of the President that made the shot — it did when I first saw it. Obama’s crouching position is probably going to be analyzed by body-language experts, but any group of people who’ve watched a TV sporting event will recognize Obama’s position as that of the person in the room who, in addition to being a fan, has just made a call to his bookie.


My second thought was that the photo was captivating because it was so different from how such scenes have been depicted in countless movies and TV shows. In such dramas, this would not be taking place in a spartan, crowded conference room with all the aesthetic appeal of a Marriott Hotel business center — and a table full of HP laptops that still have Intel Inside and Widows stickers on them. In an episode (in every episode) of “24″ this would be in an expansive subterranean room filled with translucent touch screens that make all sorts of electronic beeping and screeching sounds when they zoom in to watch the action of each soldier on the ground.

hillary clinton intensity

But, upon further examination, I’ve decided this photo’s true power can best be understood by looking at it, as one can do on Flickr, at the original size it was posted,  4996 x 2731 pixels. At this size, you can see the photo as its photographer saw it through the lens — or the photo-editor who chose it might.

At 4996 x 2731, you can immediately see the photo’s focal point is Hillary Clinton — more specifically, her eyes.

The photo tells a story of an entire room of people, but this is a photograph of Hillary Clinton. And, frankly, it is one of the most powerful, honest photographs you’ll ever see of a public figure.

via Andrew Simone