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redesign_dc 2: reeeeeeemix

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From the Metro map to the city streets, Washington DC is a design classic--but every classic deserves a remix.

It's that time again, friends. Makers, thinkers, and doers from across disciplines are coming together to take on some of the District's most formidable design challenges and opportunities. From civic webapps to connecting communities, from sustainability to urban rebranding, this round of Redesign is sure to leave you inspired, intrigued, and more engaged with your city.

Each presenter will give a succinct, ten-minute lightning talk addressing a distinct design challenge faced by the city of Washington DC, and will provide their vision for a design-based solution that will make DC more awesome.  Tickets are $8 in advance online, $10 at the door.  Come for mingling and music at 7:00PM, talks at 7:45.  21+  Drink special: $5 martinis and liquors.  

Come to Redesign_DC at COBALT (1639 R St. NW) at 7:00PM on Monday, May 16th, to hear what people are doing in your community to address contemporary design challenges, and to learn how you can get involved. 


Charles Planck, cofounder of Affinity Lab and CEO of Articulated Impactwill be there to tell you about the connections between entrepreneurialism and positive social change.

Dan Gruen is a professional in environmental compliance who will show you what citizens can do to promote sustainable agriculture and the positive impact it has on our communities.

Peter Corbett is founder of iStrategyLabs and co-creator of Apps for DemocracyHe'll bring you in on how he and his many collaborators are creating new ways to harness the power of citizens to build Democracy 2.0.

Corwin Levi is a dexterous and resourceful DC artist whose work evokes the bright innocence of childhood, the darker corners of existence, and the connections between them both.

Philip Auerswald is a professor at George Mason University's School of Public Policy, an associate at Harvard University's Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, and Director of the Center for Science and Technology Policy. He's going to tell you aboutThe Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation on the National Mall.

Music will be provided by DJ Ladyface & DJ Hoosteen.

More speakers to be announced soon!!

Twitter users: as always, we'll be using #Redesign_DC as our hashtag. What are you looking forward to most? How would you remake our city? Start the conversation now!