Justin Jacoby Smith is an organizer, web geek, Buddhist, and poet.

blah blah participatory shared whatever

We have all shifted from being observers to being reporters. When something cool is happening we are not looking at or listening to it, we are tweeting about it or taking pictures of it for our Facebook or texting people who are not there. This is like a blah blah participatory shared whatever but it also means that we operate in a perpetual state of divided attention.

Also, incidentally, you’re not a fucking reporter. There are people whose job that is. People seem to get really pissed whenever anyone suggests that the idea of a ‘democracy of content’ is not really the best thing ever, because of course it, like has to be the best thing ever! You said ‘democracy’! You said ‘equal opportunity platform’! We’re destroying the elitist old media hierarchy blah blah blah, everyone with access to the platform is equally qualified to inform et cetera we are disarming the power centers, possibly ’saving Iran’ or whatever people are telling college students in their ‘new media studies’ courses.

Leigh Alexander @ Thought Catalog