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i already put this on twitter & fb, but still

In about 30 minutes, Yannick Roux built a tool to track Groupon's revenues in London in real time. And he did it in goddamn Google Docs.

It would have been interesting to track every single city in the UK, but the issue with Google docs is that it only lets you use up to 50 import functions, so I limited it to London. With more time, one could build separate spreadhsheets and literally track global Groupon revenues in real-time! I bet this could be a pretty useful tool for traders when Groupon will be a listed company: one could effectively know Groupon's gross revenue before they release their quarterly results! ;)

Tom Critchlow, the VP at Distilled, has a lesson at AppSumo on how to build tools like this, and it's free for the next 15 hours.

If this topic is remotely interesting to you, jump on it: I'm only halfway into the seminar and the possibilities are already blowing me away.