Justin Jacoby Smith is an organizer, web geek, Buddhist, and poet.

everything is performative

Maybe it’s one of those things that’s a good idea on paper or in a brain-storming session, but doesn’t translate onto the web. Maybe — gasp — the web isn’t meant to mimic the real world.

Is the idea of public sharing becoming mainstream enough that it’s the new norm?

That idea will certainly piss some people off. The old “I don’t want my boss or my mom seeing my drunken pictures” thing is the oft-cited rationale for why we need groups. But Twitter and now Facebook have slowly been changing that mentality in the public psyche. Increasingly, everything we do online is becoming public. You can say you hate it all you want, but it’s becoming more accepted each day. And this will only continue.

When I look at my Google+ Circles right now, I think: what would I share with only these select people that I wouldn’t share with everyone?

--MG Siegler, "Walking Around in Circles: Will People Start Using Google+ Correctly?"