Justin Jacoby Smith is an organizer, web geek, Buddhist, and poet.

there is always something worth seeing

In Living in the End Times, he imagines what a new communist society would be like. He considers both the 2006 NBC TV series Heroes and Theodor Sturgeon's 1953 novel More Than Human as prototypes. Both have the "motif of the alternative community of freaks, where a group of outcasts form a new collective" based on their uncommon psycho-physical abilities (telekinesis, telepathy and so on). Žižek writes: "Their coming together as a new One creates the conditions for their peculiarities to flourish. Does this weird collective not recall Marx's claim that, in a communist society, the freedom of all will be grounded in the freedom of every individual?" Like Marx's account of communist society, it's surely too sketchy to found a political platform. "I am utterly pessimistic about the future, about the possibility of an emancipated communist society. But that doesn't mean I don't want to imagine it." It is time for him to leave. "My son and I are going to see Transformers." He means the third and final instalment of the dismal film franchise. It's apparently terrible, I warn him. "I have been to terrible films before. There is always something worth seeing."

Transformers 3 really is pretty terrible, fyi.

-"A Life in Writing: Slavoj Zizek"