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in which wild america follows through

A year ago I fell in love with a garage punk band out of Austin called Wild America. They captured the sound and feeling of my life for a glorious summer, and then they broke up. I wrote about it here. In that post I joked that I still wanted "that damn t-shirt Lew promised me" at a show in August.

As it turns out, Lew stumbled across that little eulogy I wrote. Earlier this week I arrived home to find, a thousand miles from Austin and 6 months after Wild America's demise, that this had arrived in the mail:

The shirt (with my favorite of the three designs they had), a hard copy of Lew's new cassette demo (which you should definitely hear), and a nice note from the man himself.

Thanks, Lew, for the shirt and the songs and the memories. You rule. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJnUvT1NGaY&w=425&h=349]