Justin Jacoby Smith is an organizer, web geek, Buddhist, and poet.

the twitter aesthetic

Has anyone pointed out that Dan has taken the rules of Twitter and created an aesthetic? He has taken its leveling strictures and brevities and turned them into an art form to be used for better or worse. Tiny paragraphs, each one a sort of Tweet in itself,  add up to a work, un oeuvre, of some yet-to-be-named kind.   

No wonder media socializers feel threatened by him.  Mediocrity had thought it was safe at last, and now we see it assailed by invention, daring, a willingness to fail in order to succeed.

Tremble, all you alpha apes of banality,  you simpleton  slaves of Strunk & White, you whiners about split infinitives.  You will never write anything that contains a phrase as brilliant as “trapezoid of iniquities,” which all by itself makes Dan Zak’s piece worth reading. 

Ex-WaPo Style Editor Henry Allen responds to claims that he would have nix'd Zak's amazing Guardian Angels piece.