Justin Jacoby Smith is an organizer, web geek, Buddhist, and poet.

we need brats

I’m still convinced that music, and society at large, needs brats. Theory-quoting aesthetes like Maus are only using a slightly different language than nihilistic punks, boyish tantrum throwers, and general-issue arrogant fucksticks. They can challenge our preconceptions about what makes an effective performance, push our conversations forward, give subsequent artists something to respond to.  We may despise their attitudes, but—and this is something I need to personally account for much more—we need to account for the fact that they have no interest in hanging out with us, or making us love them. Quite the opposite, actually. That’s why they’re artists.

Eric Harvey (@marathonpacks) thinks his way through the missteps John Maus made in his Pitchfork interview that's got the internet all a-gabber.