Justin Jacoby Smith is an organizer, web geek, Buddhist, and poet.

no one can hear your laptop scream


The bird conjured by Mr. Perkins and Mr. Tassey is barely four feet long and becomes an imperceptible, quietly humming little creature when it hovers overhead. Its vital assets are distance and anonymity. It would be easily deployed over, say, an office building to sniff out information going across its wireless network. Or if the office network is well secured, the plane could follow one of its employees on a trip to a neighborhood Starbucks to use the cafe’s Wi-Fi network. The WASP could mimic the cafe’s network, luring the unwitting employee and allowing access to a laptop or cellphone. As Mr. Tassey put it, “In Starbucks, no one can hear your laptop scream.”

Two guys at the Black Hat Conference demonstrated proof of concept on a DIY UAV. This thing cost $6,000 and was built with off-the-shelf materials.