Justin Jacoby Smith is an organizer, web geek, Buddhist, and poet.

they grew up tinkering, making, fixing & hacking

Exit or Voice. Coke or Pepsi. Those are your choices. You have to know where I’m going with this. If you know anything at all about Code for America, you must get that the whole reason this movement exists is that there is a generation (roughly speaking, maybe more just a group of people) for whom those are not the choices. I don’t think the Code for America fellows and the hundreds of others who work so hard to improve government from the outside really thought about Exit or Voice, considered them, and then rejected them or rebelled against them. I think they just grew up tinkering, making, fixing and hacking, and when they came of the age to consider the system that would take a third of their earnings for the rest of their lives, they proceeded to start tinkering, making, fixing and hacking it. A perfectly natural response.

The Executive Director of Code for America on the strategies for dealing with disillusionment in America. Read this, read this, read this.