Justin Jacoby Smith is an organizer, web geek, Buddhist, and poet.

freelancing & the dissolution of the social safety net

This transition is nothing less than a revolution. We haven't seen a shift in the workforce this significant in almost 100 years when we transitioned from an agricultural to an industrial economy. This new, changing workforce needs to build economic security in profoundly new ways. For the new workforce, the New Deal is irrelevant. When it was passed in the 1930s, the New Deal provided workers with important protections and benefits ­ but those securities were built for a traditional employer-employee relationship. The New Deal has not evolved to include independent workers: no unemployment during lean times; no protections from age, race, and gender discrimination; no enforcement from the Department of Labor when employers don't pay; and the list goes on. The solution will rest with our ability to form networks for exchange and to create political power. I call this "new mutualism ."

"The Freelance Surge is the Industrial Revolution of Our Time," Sara Horowitz @ The Atlantic

Need to do some thinking on this. There are blind spots of privilege, as there always are when people get breathless about bootstrapping as some kind of New Economy, but I look forward to Horowitz saying more in her upcoming posts.