Justin Jacoby Smith is an organizer, web geek, Buddhist, and poet.

the biggest, strangest DUH thing in the universe

I think it's an ongoing habit of a lot of people to look at things like pop music, and pop music press/criticism, and have this furious epiphany that it, let's say, "merely supports an existing consumer culture" -- as opposed, I guess, to being a bold, radical, revolutionary critique -- which to me is the biggest, strangest DUH thing in the universe. It's called POPULAR music! It exists in a space that's sort of between being a entertainment product and being fine art! This is a lot of what makes it great and interesting and gives it the potential to be really fascinating! What's maybe been harder for people to wrap their heads around is the idea that pop writing exists in a similar space between, you know, consumer/entertainment reporting and really seriously committed criticism. (And the market is mostly for the former of those two things.)

-nitsuh abebe