Justin Jacoby Smith is an organizer, web geek, Buddhist, and poet.

"your move."

I’m not sure why it was so important to keep the park occupied. I just know that when I heard the cops were coming to shut it down, I wasn’t ready for it to end yet. Evidently neither were the rest of these people, here cheering at sunrise like the Yankees just won the pennant. Me and James and the rest of these folks, we couldn’t know for sure, of course, but we figure that this right here is what power feels like. This is what it must feel like to win. James smiles ear-to-ear. He texts his wife the news. I do the same. He looks up at me, still grinning.

“Still want a draw?”

I look back at the chess board. I don’t see any better outcome for me. If we play on and James plays perfectly I’ll be lucky to get a draw. The more likely outcome is that I’ll lose. I shrug, then reach over and move the rook, hanging it.

“Your move.”

$5 Chess Game, Best of Three, Zuccotti Park