Justin Jacoby Smith is an organizer, web geek, Buddhist, and poet.

drones, meltdowns, & our future

Nation-states are in the process of becoming hollow shells of what they once were. Global systems are hollowing them out, reducing their ability to control events or their finances. Most states are going to end up being mere conduits for extracting wealth to send to the global financial system (think Greece, Ireland, and soon Spain). They won’t deliver any meaningful services and their focus will be on control of the countryside (probably through drones/robotics that makes it possible for people in Washington to non-lethally put down riots in LA with a flip of a switch). Also, will we see robotic pirates and terrorists? Yes, probably. So, given that this is a likely future, I’d rather have the genie out of the box and working on our side.

John Robb does an interview at, of all places, TechCrunch.