Justin Jacoby Smith is an organizer, web geek, Buddhist, and poet.

they own the search box. we put our dreams in it.

The primary purpose of new technologies so far this century is to predict how we can be made to buy. And the thing they want us most to buy is debt. And we're buying it. We're getting heavier with debt, heavier with doubt, heavier with all we need that we didn't know we needed until they told us we were thinking about it, because they own the search box, and we put our dreams in it. Everything we want, everything we hope, everything we'd hope, everything we wish we knew about is in the search box, and they own it. We are reported everywhere all the time. In the 20th century you had to torture people, you had to press people to inform on their friends. In the 21st century why bother? You just build a social network and have everyone inform on everyone else for you.