Justin Jacoby Smith is an organizer, web geek, Buddhist, and poet.

which priorities are the important ones?

I've got a lot of plates spinning right now. As one does.

I'm the host of Eyes Open on Voices of the 99%. I'm also one of the editors behind Vof99's weekly two-hour syndicated show on WEACT. I'm on a campaign team with Occupy Our Homes DC, standing with Reverend Michael Vanzant and magnifying his power through our network as he fights Bank of America to keep his home. I'm wrapping up my digital strategy internship at Wake the Beast and looking hard for a job in the digstrat field. And I've got a full time day job as a data monkey.

It's frustrating to find myself wanting to learn new things and take on new projects; the hard reality is that there just aren't more hours in the day for me to devote to new passions.

If I had more time I'd be devoting hours to learning Python for data mining and the creation of algorithms I could turn loose on that data to help draw out insights. I want to create small-scale analytics tools customized to draw out crucial data so we can do better-targeted and more successful advocacy and activism on the web.

But first I should probably find a way to make the clock run slower.

Does anybody have any advice on this question? How do you make time to learn new things when you just don't have time? And when every project seems as important as the other?