Justin Jacoby Smith is an organizer, web geek, Buddhist, and poet.

hippie-dippie words, man

Communication is a thing I try really hard to be good at. To communicate *effectively* it helps to use words that are clear.

Granted, in certain cases--a poem, say--ambiguity in the meaning of your words can add extra layers of pleasure to the act of understanding.

Count me in for that kind of thing. I like when more than one meaning can make something more wonderful, or even mysterious and worth probing. The Catholic Church talks of "the mysteries" of God as something to be meditated upon and progressively more understood through contemplation.

But fuck vaporously positive adjectives. Hippie bullshit--or, if you like, "management"--words that don't imply an approach or set of values, but just carry a crunchy sense of goodness about them, not only get in the way of communicating your point, but I sorta think harm our abilities to talk to one another at large. Your hippie bullshit words don't just make you hard to understand. They hurt language.

So like. . . stop it.