Justin Jacoby Smith is an organizer, web geek, Buddhist, and poet.

against communiques: on the transmission of memory

With this communiqué, we wish to claim the following actions, as part of a struggle for the destruction of the State, Capital, patriarchy, and any system of domination, a struggle for the free creation of voluntary and solidaristic relations at the global and local level; in other words, a struggle for anarchy.

May 5, at night, we told a child the story of the maquis and the anarchist struggle against Franco and against democracy.

May 13, we cooked a healthy meal for a comrade who has a chronic illness.

May 17, we wrote a letter to a comrade imprisoned for participating in a riot.

June 12, we took care of the infant of some friends who suffer economic precarity and the imposed obligation of wage labor.

June 16, we spoke publically with our neighbors about the need to burn the banks and attack the police in order to realize our dreams.

June 19, we told some leftist activists that the masked-ones were not police infiltrators but ourselves, and that it was necessary and good to mask up and take the streets with force.

June 20, we gifted vegetables from our garden to friends and neighbors, without money or exchange.


A struggle does not consist only in attacks. The attacks are NOT more important than the need to care for ourselves, to preserve and spread our collective history, to create relations based in the gift, solidarity, and reciprocity, to imagine new worlds and new struggles.

With a long memory, it becomes apparent that we have lost several times in the past, and that the hardest of all is the historical fracturing and the loss of our own memory of struggle; it's having to start from scratch. So as not to lose everything every single time we rise up, we have to sustain ourselves, not as isolated individuals but as a commune, a collective and multigenerational struggle. And this cannot be accomplished with a singular prioritization of the attacks.



"Communique for Anarchist Actions in Barcelona and a Response to the Nihilist Comrades"