Justin Jacoby Smith is an organizer, web geek, Buddhist, and poet.

sometimes there's no next action

Not everything in life contains a 'next action.'

There are some things--moments of joy, senses of loss--that have no urgent bearing on your projects, your time, your 'work.'

Part of the reason things like 'ubiquitous capture' and attention management are worth pursuing is that they allow you to experience these sorts of moments in a purer, cleaner, and more unfettered way.

All of this cognitive machinery is ultimately implemented so that you can stop thinking and start experiencing your life in all its fullness.

Sometimes life hurts. But a purer and more honest hurt is always better than a distracted, disinterested smile. Once you've burned through the noise in your mind and found the quiet at the bottom, you know who you really are. And you know whom the hurt in life is really hurting. And you know how to move on.