Justin Jacoby Smith is an organizer, web geek, Buddhist, and poet.

no, i don't know what the hell this is about

Let me make something clear here, if I can.

I don't know what I'm doing.

If I have any leg up at all, it's that I'm using this space to present ideas and approaches to work and fulfillment that I'm personally exploring and verifying, and that have already worked for me.

The reason for that is pretty straightforward. As much as I'm writing for anyone who might be helped by the thinking I do here, ultimately this space is about figuring out what works for me and my eccentricities. Me: an overcommiting, distractable, overgrown punk rat from the South that would forget to meet you across the room in 5 minutes if I didn't write it down.

Not all of this will be meaningful or useful to you. Maybe, as Merlin says, you don't need this. All the better for you, for lacking these peculiar faults of mine.

Still, I think maybe my troubles with attention and time are common. I think they're especially common among people of my own age group, and even moreso among people of my own level of activity: whether you spend your free time writing poetry or organizing your apartment building, if you've got 100 kinds of demands, new approaches can be fruitful. And I'd like to use this space to make some suggestions on new approaches.

Tips aren't my specialty. I don't have the cleverest macro for appending something to your to-do.txt list. But I hope I can get you thinking about whether that thing you're adding to your list is worth doing at all. I hope I can get you thinking about what kind of work aligns with the things that matter to you. And I hope you find this a useful place to consider these questions.