Justin Jacoby Smith is an organizer, web geek, Buddhist, and poet.

a truth detached is not worth a damn

“A ‘truth’ detached and purified of pleasures of ordinary life is not worth a damn in my view. Every grand theory and noble sentiment ought to be first tested in the kitchen—and then in bed, of course.”

-- Charles Simic, "The Art of Poetry, No. 90" at The Paris Review

For 50 years now the fine folks at the Paris Review have been producing the premiere Magazine for Serious People Who Read Stuff. The highest pleasure of the magazine, beyond the terrific fiction and poetry and snapshots of art, are the famous interviews they include with authors whose names you know, or perhaps don't.

They've been collecting the best among them for some time, and you can grab the early versions in the Writers at Work series. They've also recently started rejiggering & re-releasing them in brand new printings, and even a boxed set which, if I may say, is gorgeous looking.

god this <em>Paris Review</em> box set is beautiful

In a great many of these interviews it can take some wading to find the best material, but my God, the gems from the masters are beautiful little things.

Not to spoil the boxed set purchase for you, but all 50 years of interviews are also now available on their site for free. Take a peek in those vaults, who knows what you'll find.