Justin Jacoby Smith is an organizer, web geek, Buddhist, and poet.

#4: camp in the middle of hell

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This week Robin and Justin talk about knowing when it's time to quit--when to stop painting, when to end the line, when to hand in the letter of resignation. Protip: thinking like your audience can help a lot. Justin gets hopped up on energy drinks & raids the library in full Tusken Raider costume, Robin quits her job & avoids her lazy evil twin, and we set up camp with Dante in the middle of Hell.

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Show Notes

Calling a Painting 'Done' @ Huffington Post

"They're never done," said New York City painter James Willis. "There are just levels of done."

Back to Work #10: "At Last The 'Inpiration' Show"

Dan and Merlin try to remove the airquotes from "inspiration" by talking about what it's great for (shipping better and more interesting stuff), what it's terrible for (getting started).

How to Change Your Life: A User's Guide @ Zen Habits

If you’re not willing to make it a daily change, you don’t really want to change your life in this way. You only like the idea of learning [something new]. You don’t really want to do it.

Beating the Little Hater @ Ill Doctrine

What does that little voice say to keep you from being creative, and how do you make sure he doesn't win?

Art of the Poetic Line by James Logenbach

"What matters most is facing the dilemma itself, rather than one's particular solution."

Advice for Beginning Poets by Wesley McNair

"The capacity to revise determines the true writer. Suspect the finished poem. Your evil twin wants your poem to be finished."

The Triggering Town: Lectures and Essays on Poetry & Writing by Richard Hugo

The Triggering Town (1979), contains a series of essays arguing against the idea that a poet should “write what you know,” advocating instead an approach to poetry based on triggering subjects and words.

Tusken Raiders @ WookiePedia

Tusken Raiders are fictional creatures in the Star Wars universe. They are characterized as a nomadic warrior race that lives on the planet Tatooine.

Dante's Satan

In Dante’s Inferno, Satan is portrayed as a giant demon, frozen mid-breast in ice at the center of Hell.